Wow -- it's almost September and this is the first 'Suggestion' of 2016! I have been selling on Auctiva on since it was totally free. When they started charging extra for images over 1 GB, I would periodically delete images whenever I approached the limit. Now I have a bunch of empty Images folders. Before deleting them, I would like to make sure they're empty. Currently, this is a tedious task that must be performed one folder at a time. A 'Delete All Empty Folders' option would be nice. Alternatively, the list of folders could include an image count. Checkboxes would allow selection of multiple folders (I would choose those with 0 images). The current method often results in an error with a dialog that won't close. Of course, this would be good for Listings folders, too.

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Hello HudsonRecords,

I am passing along your suggestion that the folders have a counter or that there be an option to delete "All Empty Folders" to our product management team for their consideration in a future site update and will update this thread should any information regarding this request become available. Thanks for your interest in continuing to improve our product.

- Craig

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