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After a shaky start with Auctiva I have become a big fan and now use it all the time. It is a truly brilliant tool!!! I list about 70 items/day and I am keen to know when the promised bulk listing facility will be available. I think it was scheduled for this month but correct me if I am wrong. Also can you supply any info as to what it will consist of. Specically, will I be able to have items automatically relisting at given intervals. That would be an incredible timesaver for me as I repeat the same listings every 3 days.
Thanks Steve
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Our release this coming month will be a subset of the features we're currently working on. Unfortunatly, bulk listing is still a couple months out, but should be available before eBay live.

We have a release scheduled for Feb 20th, which will include:

Basic relisting options. (Ability to filter the closed listings page for items unsold/sold and select what you want and relist).

End of auction emails. (You can set up default text for an end of auction email and we'll automatically send it to your buyer at the end of the auction). We'll also be providing email templates for address request and payment reminder for manually sending to your buyers.

Improvements to the pages that display your listings (saved, active, closed) including the ability to see a thumbnail of your items.

A number of other minor fixes and bug fixes and additional listing templates and Auctiva Store templates. (Some new templates will go live earlier).

Hi Kevein and thanks for the info not all of which I fully understand but it all sounds like good stuff.
It sounds like we will have automatic relisting sometime in Feb. Is this the case? In laymans terms will I be able to put a standing instruction for all my listings to be relisted at their expiry time regardless of if the have been sold or not. That alone would be a huge benefit for me.


Hi Steve,

Not quite Wink Kevin mentioned above, the addition of bulk re-listing and listing campaign capabilites is still a couple of months you can expect these features to be released in April or May. This functionality will allow you to "put a standing instruction for all my listings to be relisted at their expiry time regardless of if the have been sold or not."

The February 20th release will only contain the features listed specifically in Kevin's response above, such as basic re-listing, end of auction emails, improvements to the saved, active, and closed listings pages, and a number of minor bug fixes.


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