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The arrows are:

Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down, Move to Bottom.

It allows you to change the order they are scheduled.

It might be nice if we at least had a legend or hover text that said what they were.

Glad you noticed the new feature though. You can now bulk list and set up campaigns of 100 items at a time. Of course you can do more by just creating seperate campaigns. It was easiest for us to do 100 since we can fit 100 on a page. In the future we may support groups of more than 100 at a time and seperations of less than 1 minute.
Hi. Thanks, I did figure the arrows later. However reordering the listings using them is slow and for me would need doing every time I scheduled. Is there an easy way to reorder listings in a saved listings folder. If that was possible I could then just list the whole folder as is. The only way I have found to do it is to select a listing then edit it then save it (without changing anything)and it goes to the top of the folder but it takes a while that way.

Appreciate any advice


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