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I'm a newbie so here goes. I am just getting the hang of the free Auctiva...So, I am assuming that it will work fine with Turbo Lister? We are considering the fancy Auctiva programs, of course, but right now just learning the ropes on the freebies.

My partner and I have been listing with Turbo for quite some time, but we want our auctions to have some pop and sparkle now.

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I have been on eBay since 1998 and have extensive experience with eBay programs (I used to work for them actually) and can honestly tell you I am very impressed with everything Auctiva offers. If you are looking to add more "pop and sparkle" for no cost your at the right place. I have also found the store feature has already increase my sales on eBay. Just take a look at the few listing templates and I think youll be very impressed with their quality.


For me the one thing this free software should do is give eBay a wake up call to re-evaluate their policies. They seem to have gotten very greedy, charging for just about anything they think they can get away with. If they only stepped back and took a look at what is going on they might decide to give us sellers some more free goodies themselves.

Continue the good work Auctiva you're way ahead of the game.

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