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Hi all, sorry if this question has been asked before.

Thinking of having a new shop design and template made. Currently have over 13000 items, is there any way of bulk editing existing items and replacing current auctiva custom template with new design.

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly

Many thanks

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There is a fairly easy way to change the templates in your Saved Listings by using our "Find & Replace" feature. Note that this will not update any current, live listings on eBay. It may take a little longer to update all 13,000 of your listings because our tool works best when you update 50-100 listings at a time. Still much quicker than updating them one-at-a-time though!

Go to your Saved Listings page and check the box next to the listings you want to update. (There's a drop-down menu choice to show 100 listings per page, and then you can just check them all at once with one click.) Next, hit the "Find & Replace" button at the top of your Saved Listings.

You will then be taken to a page where you will select the field you want to update--in your case you will choose "Listing Template." Where it says "Find Store Template," just leave it at the default "All."

Where it says "Replace With:" click on the blue Select Template box to choose the new template, then hit the Continue button. You will then be taken to a confirmation page to finalize your changes.

I hope that answers your question!

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