Is this the right Forum for Bulk Upload Inventory problems?

Has anyone had sucess with Auctiva's Bulk Inventory Upload process?

* Seems you can Download a .tsv sample, yet when you save it to Text (Tab Delimited), the (original or a new) file is No longer readable by the Bulk Uploader page. Even when using the original file that Auctiva gives us, it does not upload when we SAVE or SAVE AS to ANYTHING?!?!?.

Also having the darndest time getting a COPY and PASTE from Auctivas good .tsv file to save to Notepad or Wordpad. NOTHING is not working for me.

Error after Error and no Bulk upload. I've spent countless hours, and even asked Michelle, who is also baffled.

I have hundreds and maybe 1,000's of listing I can do, but Auctiva is frustrating me.

Anyone good with the Bulk uploading process, I could get some help please.

I have a current Excel sheet with 750 items, ready to go, and I am going no where currently.

Messages to Auctiva eCommerse support resulted in a canned answer, with No real Help.

(RANT->Wink Can't they actually do the actions we are having problems with, to see its a real system problem, and actually help us faster instead of canned answers - then ignore us, and us have continued frustrations?

(Rant->Wink Can someone in Auctiva's Management get one of the support people to actually test this problem and tell us your "How To Bulk Upload Inventory" Help Tutorial is wrong or incomplete, and give us a real solution.

There are many of us frustrated with wanting to sell more and ADD more products, and it seems we get too much lip service, in asking for easier Auctiva Tools (presently) to do it..

(Hey Auctiva - I'm now looking at other store Platforms. If you don't fix this, you may loose another user.)



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Through help of Michelle (Thank You!), I was able to determine some of my Excel cells had bad data and strange coding within, that was not all visable. In deleting some major columns I was able to get the Bulk Inventory Upload completed.


I still have many hours of individual AD updating to do on several hundred product entries, to ADD back several major columns one-by-one.

On the Bulk Edit Menu for all Edit Page items, it would be nice to include the lower Edit window items that ARE NOT available to us, to include Product Summary, Description, More Details, HTML Head, Search Keywords. I could be saving alot of time if these items were added to a major bulk edit feature for all listings.

Still would like to see a better Inventory or Bulk Upload Inventory process, that doesn't get technical in .tsv, etc. Something simple like from the Excel format?
Sorry to have to tell you this, but you are in the eBay tools ( forum, and for this subject you will want to be posting in the Auctiva Commerce forum.

I'm not sure the Auc Comm people will see your post here.

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