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In Ebay my listings show my full personal details under "Business Seller Details". This includes my phone, address and email. How can I stop this? I have spoken to Ebay and they say it's a Auctiva issue as I use Auctiva listing tools. Last night my account was hijacked. How can I prevent this? I have filed a support request and have not had a reply to this issue.
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Are you in the uk? if you are, you're supposed to be able to see the business seller details if you're a registered business seller. I didn't think you were allowed to hide your contact info when you were a business on the Uk ebay site. I am surprised that whoever you spoke to at ebay wasn't aware of that. Found this on their site too:
"Please note that business sellers on are required by the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 to display their contact details"
I have a friend who sells on the UK site, and he had to register and all that--that's just the way it is there. If you're using australia, i'm not sure if they have the same regulations or not. Easy enough to find out though by searching their help info.

Am very sorry about your ebay account getting hijacked. I get those spoof-phishing emails all the time from one site or another to update my account or whatever their line is to try and get my id or other personal information. Sometimes is a bank, other times paypal...One day it will be widespread knowledge to never ever ever click on those, but the spoofers make them look VERY legitimate and real. but until then accounts will continue to be taken over. Hopefully you won't incur too many problems and ebay will get it all straightened out for you. Best of luck!
Yes, Ebay UKis obliged to include business seller's details so they add it as a foot note. If if was up to them I can assure you these details would not have been addedd as they enable buyers to contact sellers directly. I am happy that they have to show my details including contact numbers, however this foot note is not thowing on mobiles...
Hello sir_Paq,

That sounds like you are referring to the Seller Business Information that eBay adds near the bottom of listings. If there is a difficulty with this data showing, you will need to contact eBay support as that data comes from your eBay account directly and is not submit by Auctiva.

I did check a few of your listings using the eBay mobile app and I was able to see this data there - I found it in the area about the seller by tapping on Show More and then tapping on Seller Legal Information; so that information does show in the eBay mobile app.

If you find issues with this displaying correctly on your device in a mobile browser, please feel free to reach out to eBay and let them know so they can have a look into it.

- Craig

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