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I think that is for the new 30 day BIN that eBay just started.
Don't click the Fixed Price on the top where it says Sale Type. Leave it at auction.
Then put in the BIN price.
I think that will be what you are looking to do..

I don't think so...And here is why.
Last night, I HAD TO change my listings to Fixed Price, at the top of the lister, to be able to access the "30 day" duration. My media listings did properly account at the .05 cent price.

However, my question is....Why are these "fixed price" listings appearing in my ACTIVE folder as "imported" listings, when I created them, and listed them through Auctiva?

I FEAR this may negatively impact my combined shipping discounts, which I actively market to my customers. I may put in a service ticket to ask about this. Unless someone from Auctiva will jump in here and answer this question?

I am having the same problem, but mine is for regular 7 day listings, NOT a 30 day listing.

I listed something Auction Style for $25.99 with a BIN of $29.99 and when I hit the estimated Ebay costs I get $1 for insertion fee and $1 (for a total of $2 bucks). I just confirmed with Ebay support that BIN should be 20 cents, so my total should be $1.20.

I filed a support ticket, just to be sure they are aware that its not only 30 day listings that are messed up.

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