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Well, it's happened, I get the feeling that I'm about to get ripped off. I've been running my shop for a couple of months and selling smaller items and decided to risk a bigger item.

I sold a card making kit containing over 300 items and weighing just under 2 Kilograms for £26 at auction. Thankfully I only offered recorded delivery having seen that other sellers of similar items are doing the same. So the buyer paid the £26 plus the £7.50 postage and I duly shipped the item.

I've checked the tracking number on the Royal Mail website and it says they've tried to deliver the item, but the buyer wasn't in so they've left a card. That was on 11/09/07. Another part of the site says that they only keep recorded delivery items for 1 week before returning them, so I'm not sure why I haven't got the item back yet.

Anyhow, I sent the buyer a polite e-mail a day or two after the attempted delivery and told her that her parcel was at her local delivery office and gave her the tracking number. I sent another e-mail after 6 days asking her to collect it before it was sent back to me. I've e-mailed her again yesterday and asked her to contact me, but I've still not had a reply?

What should I do?

I'm thinking that I'll probably just wait for her to contact me. I suppose she could be in hospital or something and genuinely has forgotten all about e-Bay.

What if she asks for a refund? I don't mind refunding the £26 for the item as long as I get it back, but I'm not wanting to refund the £7.50 postage.

Maybe I should just chill out and not worry about it until she does contact me, or I get the item back.

Thank you all in advance for your words of wisdom.
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Hi Super,

Because they failed to accept the package, it's their responsibility to pay to reship. I somehow doubt they are going to want you to. If they haven't responded to your emails to pick it up, they probably aren't going to respond to pay you more money for the same package.

Fiest, I would pull their contact info and call them. ADVANCED SEARCH (upper right hand corner)
-enter ID. You may also need the item number. Ebay will send you an email with their telephone number and they will in turn get yours.

If that doesn't work, pkg comes back to you, and you've still had no contact from them, You could refund them, MINUS your shipping charge. After all you have tracking that proves you DID mail it and it WAS delivered, and emails reminding them to pick it up...not your fault. Good luck!
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