I just bought five boards (as in lumber), that are 6 feet long, each. I'm going to cut each board into a 1 foot section...and sell those 1 foot sections on eBay as individual auctions, starting at 99 cents per small board.

Is there a way, using Auctiva inventory, or the consignment system, to tell if I made money or lost money after all the boards are sold?

(the above is just an example...so please don't reply with 'you can't make money that way')
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As far as I know you can set inventory to track you made and what you bought each item for.

Although I think you would need to put each 1 foot section into the inventory and not each 6 foot board.

I assume that it will pick up a sold price for each auction, but i'm not sure, I only use it for auto listing, i have other spreadsheets and things for trackig my profit/loss

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