HI I just joined Auctiva last night and so far I think its really going to help improve my listings and the time it takes me to create/post/manage them.

I have a custom template that I've been using and love, and am trying to use it with Auctiva. I thought I had 'coded' it correctly, but when I hit save & preview it looks strange, Im unclear whats wrong and what I need to do to correct it.

When I paste the SAME html, into http://www.practiceboard.com it appears the way I want it to.


But when I paste this SAME html, into Auctiva's, new custom listing and hit save & preview it gets "messed up".

I hope this link works and you can see what I mean.


Can anyone help me fix this?

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No, it isn't alright on the practice board. You're background covers the whole page, not just your template. You can not do that on eBay.

When you preview your listing here, are you seeing the html code? < etc. If so, you must make sure that the code is placed into the box when you've got the html button? choosen(hard to tell but you'll get the hang of it)
Let me re-work the code and I will put up so it will work properly. When creating your templates for ebay you cannot use web design software unless you are HTML savvy; you really need to know which tags are allowed and how to implement them since it is a royal pain to fix on your own.

The way it should start off is with a table not the html, body - any of that. When you are adding your listing to ebay, you are just placing a part to go into a webpage, they already have these codes in place.

From my understanding ebay is cracking down on sellers who are doing ads like this and will start cancelling the listings, as it interferes with their programming. So it is good to get it fixed now instead of later. Big Grin

I will work on after dinner and get it back up hopefully tonight.

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