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I create my listings by coding the HTML myself. It is important to me that my listing, and my photographs, appear exactly as each listing has designed them to be shown.

Also, since I'm a photographer, I size all my own photos in order to keep the dimensions as large as I need them to be, while keeping the file size as small as I need it to be.

But the problem is, I absolutely require them to be larger than the 400x300 size that I've read about in Auctiva's literature. Is that written in stone?

Since I code my own templates, and since the file size of each photo is tiny (about 50k or less), will my pictures load at their correct size (namely the dimensions that I've uploaded to the image hosting service)?

If you don't understand what I'm asking, please let me know and I will try to clarify. I realize that what I'm doing is unusual since most people seem to prefer to use other people's code, and to have others size their photos for them.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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i don't know how much this helps, but...

the auctiva 400x300 pic size is just the initial size the pic will show up as in your listing. i do believe that it is 'set in stone'.. however, the great part is that your buyers can click on the picture and see it as large as you want it to be.

i don't know that people tend to 'prefer to have others size their pics'... it's just that 400x300 is a decent average start size for any auction photo, so that's the template norm. i assume most people have bigger pics than that, you just have to click to see it... for example, i personally tend to resize my pics to 800x600 (they d/led from my camera at 1200x800ish)..... they show up as 400x300 in the auction listing, but there's a link below each pic that says 'click to enlarge' and when your buyer clicks that, they will see your picture at the size you uploaded (unless of course you resize in auctiva's image editor).

hope that helps a lil bit. Smile
Good words Mab, however there are some folks who would rather not have the 400x300 thumbnail with a supersize link. They either want no link, or their own caption, or a larger or smaller pic. In that case you can insert your own pic into the description editor instead. Here is a post that discusses this issue:

Just modify the instructions of course if working with HTML.
When creating a listing you can insert your original sized photos directly into the auction description by clicking the little image icon in the description editor on the lister page.

Alternatively you could create a custom template (which it sounds like you already do) and use the [IMAGE1_ORG], [IMAGE2_ORG], etc. tags to position the original sized images within your template.

In these two cases, we will not automatically resize your pictures and there won't be a "click to supersize" link Smile
Thanks everyone!!!

David - that sounds almost like what I need, and is good news Smile

But now I'm wondering if I couldn't put the actual HTML rather than those tags (which, if I understand correctly, are meant to call the HTML).

If I could code the HTML myself, I'd be sure and get all the various items that go in any image tag exactly the way I want them.

But if I do it my way, by coding the HTML for the images myself instead of using your tags, I can't figure out where to tell the HTML code that the image actually resides.

In other words, when I create a normal webpage, I upload the images and I know right where they are (which is right there with that web page). But with you guys, I'm only building a part of a web page, not the whole thing. And the images are off in a corner somewhere. So I can't complete the code for the image because I don't really know where to tell the code that the image actually resides.

I hope my question makes sense???
Sounds like what you want then is the [IMAGE1_URL], [IMAGE2_URL], etc. tags.

So you would basically do something like <img src="[IMAGE1_URL]" > which would be the HTML for the first, original sized, image in your auction.

Then when you are on the lister page actually creating the auction, you would just select your custom template as the template for the auction, and choose your up to 16 pictures by the regular "Select an Image" boxes.

Then when you post the auction, we will replace [IMAGE1_URL] with the location of the first image you selected on the lister page, [IMAGE2_URL] would corrospond with Image 2, etc. This way you dont have to modify your template every time you change your images from auction to auction.

Let me know if I explained it well enough Smile
I don't understand but maybe if I actually tried it, then it would make sense. Right now, prior to experimenting, it seems like I would have to know the URL to be able to use those tags, and that since I don't think I would know the URL, I don't think I could use them. But I'm hoping that when I try it, all will become clear!

Thanks much, and I'll be back if I remain mystified after trying this out!

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