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Hi, I listed some things as store inventory and I was wondering if I can send them to online auction through Auctiva, or do I have to do that through Ebay? If I have to do it through Ebay, will the fees then convert to Ebay fees or stay at Auctiva's fees? For example, pictures are all free with Auctive, but with Ebay only the first one is free, so if I have more than one picture, would I be charged now for the extra ones?
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Ebay only charges you for pictures they host.

If you are hosting all your pictures with Auctiva then you will not be charged.

As for store items to auctions, I'm sorry I don't have an ebay store, so I can't help you with that.

In re-reading your question I am not sure if you are talking about Auctiva store or Ebay store.

Auctiva is a Listing addon for ebay, anything you post here goes to ebay, so if items are in your store on here, they're probably on ebay.

Sorry if I have read your question wrong and you are talking about an Ebay Store.

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