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Hi all,

Although the time zone for the scheduler can be set to any time zone, the times that are displayed on all of the other pages in your Auctiva site will be in PST.

For example, if you schedule a listing for 8 PM GMT, it will show up on your scheduled listings page as scheduled for 12 PM. This listing will be posted at 12 PM PST, which is 8 PM GMT.

I hope this makes sense=)

I understand it so it makes sense but it is arguably not sensible - if I have a buyer in the UK looking at my Auctiva store and they see an auction ends at 2:30am on a certain date, then they are not going to expect the auction to actually end at 10:30am. I know that folks will ultimately look at Ebay but it don't feel right.
That aside - I love the store window gallery, depsite the limtiations.

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