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Hi Guys, First time user of Auctivia & my first lot of listings went on to eBay as scheduled last night . Then I spotted I'd included a photo that doesn't belong to a listing. Have tried to remove it but don't know how to. Can you please advise if I can edit the listing & remove the incorrectly added photo please?
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Hi assuming the image is one included when the listing was created on Auctiva you have two options dependent on how comfortable you feel about editing HTML.

1) Tweak - in ebay -> revise item identify the arrangement of the code for the images and just delete the appropriate section.

2) Complete replace - modify the saved listing to delete the surplus image and save it.
From the saved folder select HTML for that listing and then copy/paste all the HTML code for that listing directly into the HTML description window of ebay->revise item to replace all the existing code.

The second is the easiest believe it or not.

In either case preview before submitting/committing the changes to ensure nothing has been broken. Smile
Hi, Thanks for the help. Have been back into eBay & a bid has already been placed. As I have 6 photos in the listing it seems the only path open is to email the bidder(s) to advise them of the incorrect photo. As it happens it's an on-its-side pic of a ring & so very similar to another I have listed. Hence my mistake. Fortunately it's not a really significant photo but I do like to be accurate. I'll be more careful next time. Thanks again.
What I do in the event of a minor listing error and that has bids is to :-

1) Add via ebay -> revise item extra text describing the error as soon as possible.

2) Then contact the current high bidder so they are aware.

This way you are covered, however should it happen that there is only one bidder and they do not reply, some people only surf once a week (amazing) and they win it then confirm with them before shipping.

Major errors, best to end early and apologise to the high bidder Smile
If you're not using that photo in another listing you could use the replace feature. And replace it with some clip art or maybe a 1x1 pixel photo.

If the other item you're selling doesn't have bids you could then use our Get HTML feature to update that listing so that it showed another photo and not the 1x1 pixel image. Basically musical chairs with your images in those 2 listings and a 1x1 pixel image. Hope that makes sense.

If you didn't have a bid in the listing that needs changing it would be a lot easier. You'd just edit the saved listing on our site and resave it. Then you could grab the HTML using Get HTML and revise on eBay and paste it into their HTML section for the description. Max of 2-3 minutes work, if even that long.

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