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Hello, I usually love the store window but my current set of items for sale vary so greatly that I was wishing I could disable the store window completely for this batch. I had deleted the window before I listed one of the items and it worked great but then it didn't sell and when I relisted through Ebay, it popped up the second time. I am using the free version of Auctiva. I would greatly appreciate any help...
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Hi lshep,

I wouldn't recommend making all of your items hidden in this situation because that will not prevent the store window from being added to your listings. Instead, it will cause the store window to be displayed in your listings to be empty.

To post a batch of listing without the store window, please disable the store window feature within your Auctiva account by selecting the "Account Settings" option under the "My Account" tab. Then, choose "No" from the pull down menu adjacent to "Use Auctiva Store Window" and then click the "Update Account Preferences" button below.

Any listings that you post while this feature is disabled will not have the store window added to them. Then, after you post those listings, you can re-enable the store window feature prior to posting your next set of listings for which you would like the store window to be added.


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