I created an auction, and saved it.
Now, I click on the Listings tab. I then check the box next to the auction created 9/19/2005 4:49:54 PM. I then click Preview.

The entire window repaints, but no preview is ever presented. What's up with that?
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I'm able to preview all three of the recent listings you've created. Do you see anything else on the page that comes up? Like a "Close Preview" blue button?

What are you clicking on to preview my auctions? The only thing clickable that I see, is the green gavel on the far left.

Foxfire is my browser.
ok, i check off the box to the left of the Saved auction I wish to view, and then click on Preview.

The entire window repaints, and that's it. No new window comes up. No Preview window.

If i click "edit", a new screen is presented, with the text "Loading..."

Next I only get a white window. No text on the window at all.

Using IE as my browser makes no difference.
I am using Firefox. The latest version.
I haven't rebooted in a few days, so perhaps my system resouces are low.
I'll reboot and see what that does.
ok, I rebooted.
Nothing changed.
Makes no sense. The entire window repaints, as tho it's trying to give me a preview of the auction I've placed a check next to, but all it never gives me a preview.

XP, SP2.

Any ideas?

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