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I have been successful with about 5 listings but I have a problem with two of them. Those that I list individually I have been able to post to ebay but any time I try to list something in bulk it never go through to ebay. The flag on one says dutch. Do I have a dollar amount limit us to how much my item should cost since I am new or why am i having these problems? Any help will be great. Confused
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There are limitations on new ebay Sellers for Dutch.

Here's ebay's page on the subject and requirements are near the bottom.

There are also restrictions for new sellers on Fixed Priced/Buy-It-Now.


Edit: I just followed your store link (nice Store), but I took a guess on my prior and looked at one of your items. You have a ZERO (0) feedback rating, so my earlier quesses are probably why your getting errors, i.e. you're under those restrictions. You'll just need to get some sales and happy customers under your belt to move to bulk/dutch or BIN. Wink
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