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Is anybody else having a problem accessing Auctiva? I've been using Auctiva for about two years without problems like this. I can't access the website. I've tried and I get the server message that the connection has timed out, tried via bookmarks with same result, tried via three different browsers and direct from my C drive, all with the same result. I got onto the Community pages via Google but even from here if I click Auctiva website then I get the same message. I know the site is working because my brother can access it, so why can't I? Help please, anybody. Sixbells.
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Sadly it seems that Sellathon as well as Auctiva have disappeared from the face of the earth as well as from the web.
Yes the listings look terrible - yes the showcases have disappeared - Yes potential customers cannot see the other items NO NO NO contact is possible with any Auctiva or Sellathon links. It would certainly be advisable for both to have a secondary server to at least let people know what's happening and just how long the system is likely to be down. I CANNOT believe that they lack both the ability and the finance to move things along faster than they have - not a good advert for either service!
Thanks for your reply. I've now resolved my problem with Auctiva access. Needless to say it wasn't their fault, the site is running fine. My problem, which took ages to find and a few moments to fix, was that my cache of temporary internet files (cookies, etc.) was full and so Auctiva was trying to identify me through their cookie and couldn't access it so the connection timed out. Don't know why my computer picked on Auctiva and one other site but as soon as I redefined length of temporary file storage to 7 days instead of 21 and deleted cookies, Auctiva re-appeared no worse for wear! Do this via Tools link at top of Internet Explorer page and see if it cures your problem. Cheers again and happy listing.
I CANNOT believe that they lack both the ability and the finance to move things along faster than they have - not a good advert for either service!

In case new readers of this thread do not see the related one.

The service is great and the fault was not due to Auctiva being down, judging by the geographic nature of complaints the fault was a systems failure within the UK.
Absolutely not Auctiva's fault. Don't be too quick to blame the service provider whether it's Auctiva, eBay or whatever. Very often, and I put my hands up here, the problem is nearer home. In my case the problem was caused by my Temporary Internet Files (cookies) folder being overloaded. Simply reducing saved time to 7 days cleared a load of them out and Bingo!, Auctiva and the other problem site came back. Simply a matter that Auctiva's site couldn't access their recognition cookie on my PC. Took me a long time to locate the problem but now I'm aware of it I know where I'll look first if I have a future problem. I recommend that anyone who has a problem with accessing Auctiva or any other site looks to their Temporary files first, found in Internet Explorer under Tools tab.

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