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I'm frustrated because I don't know if the blocks I've been running into are me or the system? Help me someone please!

Spent 45 mins. doing auction, tried to review it for ERROR CHECK, it disappears. Can't call it up again, so REDO it, then all of a sudden it's gone again. Man, I stayed home to list today and haven't been able to list one thing YET! I'm in tears..... Frown

Then I go to the sign in pages and it tells me I don't exist. But, yet I come here to COMMUNITY using my set-up same user ID and password and it let's me in. But, when I try to open any of AUCTIVA site tabs they won't appear even with the correct member info.

Then I think I'll see if I can link via the ebay auction page Auctiva tabs but they can't connect to the site eitehr. What concerned me here is that I noticed the Auction Preview Showcase is missing some of my currently listed auctions to promote. Then I begin to wonder if I am limited in IMAGE, LISTING, etc. SPACE because I use the site FREE.

I am a 2 yr. SPAREDOLLAR user and have been trying to convert to AUCTIVA, but things just aren't running too smoothly for me. I have patient because new systems take time to grasp and pick up the flow, but I thought I was in gear and then this week things are not cooperating with me at all.

AND, what a time for all this to hit season!

Can anyone help me figure out if it's ME or the system? Is there a place to go for notice of system down times or scheduled maintenance that I may not be aware of checking before trying to work on the site?

(I posted this plea on the LISTING help board but thought it might belong here instead so started my own post topic)
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I wonder if you've just had bad luck today. Around noon PST, we tried to put our beta UK site up live for everyone and this caused the main site to be down for a bit. If you happened to be in the middle of creating a listing during this time, it's possible your listing got lost.

Sometimes if I'm putting a lot of time into creating a specific listing, I like to scroll down and hit the "save" button. Then on the page that comes up, hit the link that says "Continue editing same listing" (or something like that).

I see that a lot of people are creating ads today and they are getting posted to eBay. So, as far as I know, everything is working as it should right now. (Knock on wood).


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