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So is it just me or is someone not playing very nice with someone else and were caught in the middle.

It always use to be so easy to create my listing here and post it. Then when the item ended I would just click the relist button in the email notice and poof on with business. Now eBay removed that option.

So nor I have to go to ebay to relist them or come back here to relist them.

ebay wont let me bulk relist because i did not create the listing there. Hmmmm.

So now when I relist a item originating from Auctiva the item description template for the listing is in code with no way to view it on ebay. Can't even preview it.

Whats going on here? Do we have to worry about ebay phasing out third party listers or is Auctiva forcing us to come back here to relist our items?
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