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Hello, and thank you in advance for your help. I can't seem to change the currency on the Canadian auctiva listing page? Is anyone else having this problem? I went to my settings to see if I could change it there & it did give an option & I did change it there but I don't think it worked. If anyone knows what else I can do it would be greatly appreciated! HAPPY CDN THANKSGIVING!
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Ashleycat...thank you for your post. I too got the same answer but they need to fix the lising on ebay Canada page as it does ask which currency you would like to have but still being able to post onto ebay Canada. Don't you think the option if it is there should be useful. Ebay also has this option but IT WORKS!
Thank you for your info. :-) Smile
Yes, I agree. I sent them another note as I had wanted to use Auctiva to post today for the 10 cent listing day.
I always list in US$ (even if it is worth less to us now!)so if it remains like this it won't work for me...or you by the sounds of it!

Too bad as they are the first Service provider to offer listing capabilities on anything other than and I give them full credit for that.
Hello guys

Sorry about the confusion here. It is possible to post using Canadian dollars with the current lister but there is a glitch as you have noted. To post with the current version you need to:

1) Open the lister and set Canada as your site.
2) Switch the currency to US$.
3) Switch the currency back to Canadian.

The listing will then post with Canadian currency enabled. Sorry about the mixup. This has been fixed internally and once it passes QA will go out to the live site.

I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Auctiva Jim

Other than some issues with eBay tax tables I am not seeing problems with posting listings in US$. Switching the currency tab to US$ I was able to post a listing to ebay.CA in US$ just now.

This was a simple listing so I have to say that there may some other nuances/issues that support is on top of but I am not aware of. I know that there was a problem with some pages displaying all Canadian listings as $Canadian when in fact it was US$.

As always if there are specific issues please file support cases (you guys know this Smile )and your patience is noted and appreciated@!


Auctiva Jim
. I know that there was a problem with some pages displaying all Canadian listings as $Canadian when in fact it was US$.

Well now, I guess that is the biggest problem we've been having. and were we told of this?

Before I post anything to eBay, I always preview. On the preview and on the saved listing pages, it specified CDN$, when in fact, if I'd posted it to it would have been listed there as US$ ???
Okay...I will try this one more time as I can't imagine how you managed to get a listing to show as US$.

Here's what I have tried all day.

I click 'New Listing'
The page takes forever to load

I choose eBay Canada from the drop down menu
The page refreshes and takes forever to re-load

I go to the Currency and there are two choices ie; C $ or just $.
I guess that the $ is the US$ so I click on that
The page refreshes again and takes even longer to re-load.

Next, the only part of the listing I filled in was an amount 15.00

I went down to preview and even though I had chosen the generic $ the preview showed the auction starting at C$15.00

I went back and repeated the whole cycle ( includine long refreshes and re-loads) only this time using the C $ in case they had been mixed up. The preview still showed C $15.00

Is there another place somewhere that I have missed?

This should be so easy...I just want to post in US$ on

I had filed a support ticket on this and received the answer that it was not possible to list in US$ on .ca however now it seems that three of us have found our way to this Board so maybe we should continue the discussion here.

I apologise for this being long but I wanted my actions to be clear.
Hi Community,

The issue of eBay Canada listings that have US$ selected as the currency posting in Candian $ has been confirmed as a bug and referred to our engineering department for correction. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and I anticiapte it will be resolved with our next minor sit update, which will take place toward the middle of next week.

In the mean time, if you select US$ as the currency, then select Canadian $, the select US$ again, your listings should properly post with US$ as the currency. I realize this sounds silly, but it's the only workaround for this problem until we get the underlying issue resolved.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:

Thank you, Mike.
May I suggest that on the drop down for currency the US$ is marked as such because right now it just shows as $

I am still wondering how Jim managed to post alisting and we couldn't? Oh well.

I won't be touching this for a while but hopefully it will be fixed by the next time EBay Canada has a special,

Thanks for even offering this to us! Now make the darn thing work..LOL
I am having the same issue, and it's driving me absolutely nuts. I would love to be able to use auctiva for my listings, but if I can't get US funds Im forced to use ebay to create listings.

I only have the c$ or $ option.

Yes I have tried Mikes work around option, but when I try to preview it is always in CDN$.

P.S. I love auctiva, this should be a really easy fix.
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