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Hi Auctiva Gurus. I have a mystery. I often write a desctiption in a text document and copy and paste it into my listing. I will highlight a paragraph or more and try to change it from very small text to small. Often it will not 'take.' I try to be careful to select any characters that are not visible (such as spaces that are not needed) to make sure these are not setting an undesired size. I will have to end up typing it in the desired size and deleting the pasted text. I use the standard editing window. The html editiing is more difficult to work in, so I avoid it. Also, I will put line spaces in between paragraphs. It looks fine but when I preview they have disappeared. To keep line spacings, I often will have to use ..... on the empty line to keep the spacing.
Since the editor is supposed to be WYSIWYG, why won't my edits take?
Oh, yeah. When I change to html to see what is going on, the correctly sized text is size ="3" and the incorrectly sized text is text font size = 10 pt.
I notice that in the html version that there is often a style type which I do not know about and am wondering if that is part of the problem.
Any hints or ways I can fix this?
Thanks so much for any help you can give me.
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