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Hi. I can't combine multiple purchases from a buyer on their one invoice. eBay Customer Support tells me that "if you use a third party listing tool such as Auctiva or Sparedollar, you will need to contact them to set eBay to default in order to combine invoices". Can anyone please tell me, can I fix that myself, or does an Auctiva supprt person need to do it for me from their end?
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Hi Bek,

Unfortunately, right now you cannot combine purchases using Auctiva checkout. If your customer is using PayPal, the easiest thing to do is send them a money request direct from PayPal.

Soon we will be able to combine purchases with Auctiva's checkout. In the meantime, you will want to turn off Auctiva's checkout system. You can still purchase insurance, even if you don't use Auctiva checkout.

To turn off checkout, you will go to Sales > Checkout, and the rest should be easy to figure out.

Once you turn off checkout, all your new listing will checkout through eBay. However, everything you listed prior to turning it off will use Auctiva's checkout.

I hope that answers all your questions!

New related question:
Is there a way to make sure that the [] box on Ebay Shipping options is checked for being able to "combine shipping", without having to specify a certain amount (all my auctions are different) ??
Everytime I list through Auctiva, those auctions are NOT set for combined shipping, I have to go find them (in Ebay) after they're listed & revise & check the "combine shipping" box [] in each & every item, otherwise, they won't combine when someone buys those items. Very tedious....
[u]Any help on this ??[/u]
Thanks !!
It's in the PAYMENTS & SHIPPING section, when you revise an item in Ebay. But you have to check it for each item, no way that I see to import that option from Auctiva when I list through Auctiva.
It should be part of the shipping options, the only one that's there now (that I can tell) is to specify a certain amount for each additional item, but my items are all different amounts, I can't just say one amount for ALL.
Any way to add that into the shipping options ??
I don't use Auctiva checkout, because it won't let me combine. I DO use the insurance, when it's purchased by customer.
Huh. I'm not sure what's going on there. Are you saying (a) that you have to revise every listing in order to be able to combine shipping, or (b) that if you happen to revise a listing then you have to also check that box again?

I've never had to manually check a box like that (unless it was at the beginning when I first got set up at eBay). Could it be a setting in eBay preferences that needs to be changed?

Maybe I'm missing something. Anyone else have any ideas?
All I know, is that I have to revise EVERY listing INDIVIDUALLY after it gets posted to Ebay, in order for it to combine on shipping (go in & check 'the box' to combine). I can specify combined S&H for my 'Preferences' in Ebay, but that's only if you have a set amount for each add'l one, but since all of my item combinations can be different, it's hard to say WHAT amount to add on or subtract, in advance. Make sense ?
I have chosen a 'blanket' discount in Ebay of charging highest amount & subtracting .01 from each add'l one, that way every auction might be covered, I will just have to apply the discount each time manually, depending on items/combination purchased. (which is what I want anyways) I will see if that works.
I'm surprised nobody else has poked their head in here. There must be a couple of different routes for combining and I'm not sure how to help.

However, the combining I do isn't automated in any way -- meaning I don't have certain dollar amounts set up. I manually adjust the shipping charges myself on the final invoice I send out.

If you can't get a good answer here you might post at the eBay forums -- it's a good place for solutions to problems like these.
ok..I am new to auctive but not ebay. I have discounts setup in ebay preferences and I use ebay checkout but if i list with auctiva even if the box is checked i have to go into ebay and revise each item to have the discount this the way it is? I have read all I can on the board and have seen this mentioned back in it still a problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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