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You say what are you doing wrong, however you do not tell us what you did? What photo editing software are you using and what are you trying to do?
kind of hard to help if you do not have an idea of what help is needed!
Almost like trying to help someone tune the engine in a Ferrari with a sledgehammer, just cannot be done.
You need to go to the image management page to do this. Here is the link
You can only edit one photo at a time and Auctivas editing functions really stink.(Sorry Jeff, but not much functionality there) I personally use Irfanview which is a free download.
The only thing you can do with Auctiva is resize your pics and crop them.

BTW are you talking about a active listing here?If so a link would possibly help to identify the problem.
Most of the time if it is active it is easier to fix through eBay using the revise listing feature.

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