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I'm trying to sell 19 identical items. First I tried creating the listing as "similar" to the last thing I listed. When I got down to Quantity, I clicked Lot. "Number of Lots" was greyed out and inactive. "Number of Items" was my only option.

I thought the problem might be that I was using an established template with which I had sold just a single item. So I started again with "Create New". Still, "Number of Lots" is inactive; visible, but greyed out. I can enter the number of Items, though.

So let me start with the basics: I'm selling 19 sets of silk thread. Each set has 15 skeins of thread. The buyer bids per set, then purchases as many of the 19 sets as he or she would like.

Is this one lot of nineteen items? Or is it 19 lots (sets) of 15 skeins?

Help, please!
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I hope I am understanding your question correctly. Why aren't you selling using a Fixed Price listing, and entering the quantity of 19? Make an ad that says "15 skeins of silk thread", enter the quantity available as 19, and if a buyer wants more, they can add that however many they want to their purchase. That is what I do when I am selling multiples of the exact same item. Selling with "lots" just confuses buyers. I always remember the KISS rule: keep it simple, s______. (i say that to myself, not you Smile )
Heh! I say it to me, too. Smile

I got to the root of my misunderstanding very late last night - it's that Dutch auctions have disappeared. Long ago, apparently, but without my noticing. That's what I was trying to set up.

Live and learn! I'll try this as a fixed-price auction before I resign myself to photographing 285 skeins of thread!

Thanks, wiz, I appreciate your help.

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