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Ninth_wave ---- I feel as though I am opening and closing multiple pages of entry forms right now by using this "New Listing" button. To make a change while the listing is open, I then have to reload the section's profile containing the change and almost 100% of the time the change will not stick. I have to then leave the listing and make the change in the individual profile page, save it and return to listing. 50% of the time I have to then relist that master profile for the change to show correctly. I have come to realize I need to post a more insignificant item for a first try as a have no trust I'll be able to make a change after posting. Right?
I really think that right now your experience is MUCH harder than this process needs to be. Assuming that there is not some computer glitching going on, once you get things basically set up with your profiles, you will be able to get in a grove with this thing and it will really smooth out.

I don't know how many major variations of your listings you have, but just set up your BASIC item details, then your BASIC master profile(s), which is nothing more than a collection of specified item details. Once your profiles are set up you should not have to go back and make changes to a profile each time you do a listing. Just download an appropriate master profile (or individual item profiles) each time you create a listing, and THEN make minor changes on the listing page (the kind that change with each listing - price,shipping costs,etc.). Remember the item profiles and master profiles are just an AID so you don't need to keep manually entering repetitious data each time you do a listing - you don't even have to create and use them if you don't want to, although they really do save time. One very important rule I forgot to mention: NEVER leave a listing page that you are working on without saving it first! You will definitely lose your changes!

Once you have a BASIC set of SELLER details set up, you shouldn't have to be revising those constantly either.

As far as making changes to a listing that has already posted on ebay, yes, you can make ANY changes you want, subject to ebay's rules

I hope I'm addressing your issues. If not, let me know and I, or someone on this board, will be glad to lend advice.
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Thanks Ninth_wave. LIke anything else, you only get out of something, as much as you have put into it. My first item is now listed and posted and the post has now been revised. It hasn't been easy as 1, 2, 3, but the details are all pulling together and I think the next one will be much easier. The forums have been very helpful. I'm certain to take advantage of as many tutorials as I can. It's just a matter of learning your way around. thanks again.

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