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I have been trying to get 3 listing to post to ebay ALL day and have tried everything I can think of. I get an error message that says " your item has been deleted or it is listed with or it is not your listing." It hasn't been deleted, I pulled it up from old closed listing and then up dated them, changed some things and added more pictures. When I get to the bottum of the page I do not have a choice to save them, just to relist or schedule to relist. It never does relist, I just get the same message over again. How can I get them to relist to ebay.
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normally you should contact the support folks but this is easy

what that means is that your listing in the Closed Folder is older than 90 days. So it won't re-list.
I have begged Auctiva to change that and if eBay returns that API message to go and List the item normally.

When you edit your Closed Listing it has everything it needs to do a normal listing as it looks exactly like any listing in your Saved Folder so the change should be straightforward. Sadly it appears that there is something in Auctiva's design that makes this not straightforward. Or at least I have to assume that as I never received a response


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