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I created some listing and had some of my paragraphs separated by 2-3 blank lines. When I view them in ebay, there's no longer any spacing.

I went to ebay and revised the listing so that I could look at the html that was used. It seems that it put 4 BR tags. The only way I could get this spacing to work (on an earlier listing that I fixed) was to put a P tag around my text and then the BR seem to take effect.

Is this normal? I really don't have to do this whole thing of revising html code on ebay to make the WYSIWYG output work.

Please help!
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Hello egravel,

I'm sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with the spacing of your text in listings.

At present, we do have an issue that we are looking into regarding a situation such as you have described in the Preview of Saved Listings, but have not encountered this with listings once they reach eBay. Please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know the details of this occurrence for you - and if it occurs consistently or intermittently when your listings reach eBay. Please also include an example or two (unmodified on eBay if possible) of where this has occurred for you so we can take a look into it.

- Craig

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