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It said something about some profanity in item title or something with the auction being in violation of the ebay policies. which i checked but there was none.

anyway i just kept on trying to post it up and then after about 10 attempts it went up. I don't know how it happened really.

sorry about not posting up anymore information before. and thanks?
No problem ani122. Someone here is always willing to help when you have a problem. Next time you have something going goofy on you use the find button at the top of the forum and search your problem...theres a good chance someone has already posted about it on here. It can save you alot of headaches for sure. Good luck with your auctions and I wish you lots of sales!, William
Okay I know this thread is old... but I am experiencing this problem now when I tried to post my first listings... is it because I'm listing 6 all at the same time? It also said when I viewed the Error Details that I haven't registered as a seller at eBay (having met all the requirements, CC info and getting at least 20 Feedbacks...and such).
Hi Rythmic Doll,

If you are receiving an API error stating that you need to update your eBay account to a seller's account including placing a credit card on file for the automatic monthly billing of your eBay seller fees, it most likely means that you do not have a credit card on file with eBay or that the credit card you have on file has expired.

These API errors are actually being returned by eBay so our system is just passing the error message eBay returned along to you. If you believe you have met all the conditions described in the error and therefore believe you are receiving the error message in error, I recommend contacting eBay's customer support group to see if they can figure out why that error is being returned in response to the listing you try to post through Auctiva.

If any of you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your Auctiva account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by completing the web form on the following page of our site:

Originally posted by littleshopoftreasures:
I am having API problems. Don;'t even know if I am asking my question in the right place. API Warning

Please verify you're complying with foreign selling laws, which can restrict sales of authentic products.
Appreciate any help that I can get.

1. Does the red box on the right of the notifications at the top have anything in it?

2. What is it you are listing?

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