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I *think* this has to do with your items specifics. We can pinpoint things better if you file a support case and tell us the title of the auction that won't load.

However, off the top of your head to your remember if you chose item specifics for one of the categories you are listing the item into? There seems to be a way to pick item specifics, but not finish choosing all of the item attributes, and that breaks the ad page.

If that is the issue you are having we are working on a fix, but it won't be live until tomorrow.

If you don't need to edit the listing before posting it, just select "schedule" from the saved listings page. That should circumvent the problem until we get a fix in there.
Ah, we just still aren't talking about the same thing Wink

Just below the "Create a similar listing" section is a link that says "Saved Listings". Click that.

From that page, find the ad that won't load for you, and check the box next to it (don't click on its title though, that will go to the page with an error). Above the box of saved listings are buttons. Either hit "Post Now" or "Schedule", if you don't want it to go up to eBay immediately. Either of those may work for you.

If none of this works, we'll have a fix figured out by tomorrow.
The photo uploading stopped working during the UK thing you were doing, and hasn't been fixed. I've been using Auctiva for 2 days. I liked it very much....but. It's not working anymore. I opened two accounts, and the same thing happens on both. I try to upload using the html upload on the listing page and it just comes up with a message image uploaded with a green x and no photo. I am very disappointed. I was really feeling you had a good product here...can you fix it?

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