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Hi- suggestions to try to fix.

I would close all except one tab, clear cookies and cache in your browser and same time just to possibly save step I would completely restart computer.

If that does not work or if you prefer:

IF you are using internet explorer browser, I would try Mozilla Foxfire Browser. I find this much friendlier with auctiva than Internet Explorer. I have heard there are some issues with Internet Explorer 9 so if you are using that it could even be problem.

IF that does not work I love Google Chrome (though it is not fully supported by auctiva). I find it sweet most of the time.

If none or one of the top two of this does not work, I would sure write support and ask them.

When you write, be sure to let them know which browsers you have tried, and that you have cleared cookies and cache in browser. It may save you a step.


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