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I changed my bank acct info on ebay on 10/28, and it is correctly reflected there. Today I tried to list through auctiva as usual, and my listings are not going to ebay. The error message is:

"We noticed that you don't have a payment method set up with your eBay account. As soon as you take care of this, you'll be able to list more items."

I called ebay, and they assure me that everything is fine on their end. They suggested generating a new token (although the one I had showed as "valid"). I did that and still can't post to ebay.

I've submitted a support case but thought someone else might know what the problem is. The symptoms look as if auctiva hasn't matched their info with ebay, but I can't tell for sure. (My bank change info was shown as "pending" for a short time.)

Thanks for any input.
Carol Hearn
Original Post
I would suggest trying to list something directly on ebay. if the listing is accepted then you know the problem isn't there.

it does sound like an ebay message, not auctiva. since you generated a new token all your updated information should be available to auctiva.

if the error message is an api error then it is in fact generated by ebay.

as a second thought, ebay sometimes requires credit card info and they look for verification of the new bank account or credit card. I assume that is what took it out of pending.

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