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I have been at th is ALL DAY. It is now half past 6 here in the UK and I need to get my family's dinner. I have made three ads today, one has been saved, but keeps reverting to older version. I thought I had posted it and the other two earlier, but nothing is showing up. So I tried re editing (as half the saved stuff hadn't been saved) and posting again tonight. I keep getting the listing back with a red bullet point 'description' but I can't for th elife of me see what's wrong with it. That's two days work wasted with yesterday's fiasco. I am just about losing the will to live ......
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The error returned by the error check for these listings is "There is an image in your description that is located on your computer. To avoid this, insert all images using the image button of the description editor." The image it is referring to is "img alt="" src="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Lorna/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/ebay/set8_6.gif"", which can be found in your description html.

Since this image is located on your computer, people who view your listings from computers other than yours will not be able to see this image.

To avoid this problem, please insert this image using the "Freetive Image" button on the editor(it has an icon of a mountain on it).

What an EXCELLENT idea. I normally do that when other sites are acting dumb, but in all honesty, it had never occured to me to try it with Auctiva! Lord... (shaking my head).
Maybe THAT will solve MY error problems too. I've got Netscape installed on here, as well as a different IE type browser, (2 or 3 of those) and somewhere out there I think Mozilla may still be on here. Thanks for an excellent suggestion Donna. I was just HOPING someone would suggest something that made sense tonight- !
SO Glad it worked for you.

You're about the gazillionth person I've noted this to.

I think it's in the sticky on one of the threads..but when a person is frustrated, they don't look at the threads and that's understandable.

I've found using Mozilla/Opera/Advanced Browser is just wonderful with this service.

I can use IE, my choice is not to.

Glad to be of service!
Take care, Donna

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