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I'm having too many problems using auctiva to make listings.

I just don't have the time to fiddle with all the problems ...

Problems are: writing in the description area.. my cursor keeps hoping to other places as I type and the letters keyed appear in the find frame at the bottom of the screen. So I might type ku .. as I type I hear a warning sign each time.

Text won't format or only sometimes is will can be made bold, but the size will never do what I want, text color, italics, etc

photos load well into auctiva from my computer, but placing them in the listing is problematic. A screen pops up saying the script is slowing things down. The order numbering has numbers half say a one and a three.

I've only been able to complete one listing today.

for now i'm using auctiva for photo storage but plan to use eBay's listing editor . since this has been happening for a week now, corrections don't seem imminent.

my suggestion for others is to wait awhile to use auctiva until all these problems are fixed.. unless you are somehow lucky and aren't having problems.

whew! karen
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