Hope someone can help. I have mailed auctiva, but their response does not actually address my issue.

I'm trying to remove the images which appear in the 'description' section of my listing. My images appear in the top of my ebay listing as expected with thumb nails, so I don't want them to appear directly in my description too - I think it looks messy. I know how to manually put images into the description by clicking the picture button when writing the description text, so I am certain theses images are being loaded from the template & not inserted by me.

First I went into my listing in auctiva & selected my usual template to apply to the listing. In the box that pops up, there are 3 drop down boxes to the left, supposedly allowing me to modify the template. If I select '0' images here & save to template the images still appear in the preview directly under the description heading.

Next I tried to custom a template. I went to the 'listings' tab at the top & then 'custom template'. Here I selected my template & followed instructions to delete the [description & image] tag from the template & in its place I just put the [description] tag. There was then no tag at all for images - I then 'save & preview' template. No images show & I think all is good.

I then select a listing & apply my new customised template which I just created. But the images are still there. I can see other people on ebay using auctiva templates, with no oversized repetitive images in description, but can't work out how to do this.

Any suggestions welcome - tearing my hair out!!
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It sounds like you just need to check the box for "Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images" and ignore placing images in the "Auctiva Image Selection" section of the lister page when you are creating your listings. This way you only have images displaying in the header section of your listing and none in the body with the template.

Personally, I like an image or two in the body with the template, it just seems too bare without them. But again, that's just me! Smile

Hope that helps!
Thank you for your advice on this - I will give this a try. I think I did manage it at one stage, but I tried so many different things in frustration, that next time I looked the pics were back.

I will put a few different graphics within the text of the description, as I agree it can look dull with none. I guess I'm just looking for more control over additional images/graphics & where they appear.

Thanks again for your advice - much appreciated.

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