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I may have an insurmountable problem using Auctiva?
1) I ship a good many things 1st class at a fixed rate for all US.
2) Then I also sell things that I ship (usps) & like to give the buyer a choice of using parcel post or priority (to be calculated using their zip after I post the weight & handling charge). 3) Then I also ship sometimes with a fixed rate flat rate priority box.

I can't seem to figure out how to set my auctiva up to allow me to use all those options? Not even talking about setting up international for Canada & Australia also, I'm really lost on that one. Oh my!
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I can't seem to figure out how to set my auctiva up to allow me to use all those options?

I'm not sure it's so much an Auctiva limitation, as a simple ebay combined shipping limitation. A "mix" of items with mixed shippers and shipping methods just doesn't have a good model in any of the combinations I've looked at. This is where larger companies move to shipping calculators from their own eComm back-ends. Combined shipping may also not work in certain situations where a method has restrictions, like USPS Media Mail. I do try to add language to my auctions about "common shipping container" for combined, but you still risk the low Stars-DSRs.

Obviously, a Tiffany lamp and a bowling ball don't make for good crate-mates. Big Grin

I probably didn't explain myself clearly but when I had my ebay store, I would select the shipping method individually per listing. In other words if I chose to put in a flat rate for all buyers on an item for 1st class I did so. If I needed to send the package PP or Priority I would just chose to use the calculator, enter the weight & my handling chg. & let the buyer enter their zip to obtain the shipping cost.

I don't seem to have that alternative using Auctiva? It seems I need to stick with one shipping method? Maybe I need to put NO shipping cost or method in using Auctiva then go in & edit the listing thru ebay once it's up & listed? Is that the answer? LOL

I also have certain things I wouldn't dream of putting in the same package. I should put something about that in my combined shipping statement! Thanks for your response.
It seems I need to stick with one shipping method?

If you mean you can only select Flat or Calculated, but not have combinations of those methods for the different Domestic services, e.g. 1st Class vs. zone-based Priority, I agree. However, I think calculated should provide the best method for that situation and not be a limitation. After all, the USPS estimator uses size and weight from A to B and then spits out all the possible service classes with accurate price. That's why I've been edging toward that method as I've gotten better at packaging and pricing materials.

The one gotcha that doesn't fit the calculated well is the Priorty Flat Rate box. That is a very nice package and price, which often beats the standard rate. Only problem is the square peg and round hole of use, i.e. does it(s) fit well and ship together. That's not a computer decision process.....that's human judgement call.

You may have something there. If I choose calculated & put in say 12 oz. the calculator should show 1st class. Hmmm I'll try it. It all seems a bit complicated overall. I also ship to Canada & Australia/New Zealand just to add more chaos to the mix, LOL

I'm generally the last to learn any new things as far as computer programs go so I'm still stumbling around trying to get my gallery to show up & also just realized that if I add 2 or 3 pictures to a listing thru Auctiva I don't incur that extra charge per picture that ebay likes to tack on (at least I think that's what I read). Tomorrow I'll try that. Tried to add 2 more pictures to a listing I did this afternoon but altho I thought I clicked all the right buttons, no extra pictures are showing so I must have missed something (the story of my life, LOL)

Have a good night, bedtime here before I go computer blind.
I think I understand your question...Are you saying that you would like to offer different shipping options based on the type of listing/auction, as opposed to putting the entire mix of options all in the same listing?

If this is the case, then you can set up different shipping profiles under the "Profiles" tab and then when you create or edit a listing, you can just select that particular shipping profile, based on your auction.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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