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Anyone still having the same problem I am??? Tried to post auctions.... practically our last day for Christmas and shipping deadlines... and guess what? Auctiva Message: ERROR: Unable to change into directory 12/55/54 - Please check FTP settings ...... blah, blah blah Mad
Are you kidding me... maybe a month refund would compensate the headaches and loss of revenue. Mad
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Hi magic459,

Based on the error message you are receiving, it sounds like you are using one of the products offered on the Auctiva Classic website. If you are still experiencing this problem, please contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on the Auctiva Classic "Help" page:


PS: The sections of our community that are intended for discussing the Auctiva Classic products are those in the "Auctiva Classic Software" section at the bottom of the main page of our community forum.

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