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Not sure why I can't use my own html with the new listing editor. I had it all saved in my master profile, but when I clicked on my profile to do a new listing, everthing was gone in the description area. I have some things saved that I use for all auctions. A clickable ebay store logo, and that won't load at all. If I use text, then there is no design editor to change back to. Is there a way to get my own html to work with this new feature? If so, i can't seem to find it. Help!
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I tried creating a listing using your master profile called "ebay Auction" and it looks like it loaded up the description properly.

Is that the same profile you were having issues with?

Have you gone to the profiles page and made sure the profile is still displaying the description when you try to "edit profile"?

Are you able to use the editor at all? i.e., can you create a new listing (not using a profile) enter some text into the editor, save and then come back to the listing to make sure your saved listing still has the description you entered?

Hi Kevin. I did go and edit my master profile just before I posted about the problem. In that edit feature the terms and description was there. Not all of it, but most of it. So, I saved it again, and then it worked when I did a new listing, but some parts of it were missing. My ebay store logo, my paypal logos, and my bidpay logo with direct click throughs.

When I created a new listing without the profile, it wouldn't work with copy and paste using my own html. If I manually entered the information from the listing editor, it worked. But that took alot of extra time to do all that over again. But, I could only get the text part entered, and not the logos. Is there a way to use my own photo logos as direct links?

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