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I understand that Auctiva goes down once in a while, and I try to be patient at these times. (I know that you already get enough grief from your users when the site is down).

However the scrolling store window has the message "No Items Available" while the site is down. (However the pictures in my auction are showing properly).

Is there any way to change this text? "No Items Available" implies that I have nothing else listed on eBay right now, but that is not true. I have about 200 items listed right now, and because of this message, nobody is checking my other auctions.

Can't you change this message to something like "Please view my other auctions" or something similar, so at least potential buyers will check out my eBay store?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi comicbking,

You can change the text that is displayed in your store window while it is empty by going to Auctiva -> Store(tab) -> Edit Store Window, and revising the "Empty Window Text" field.

However, this text cannot be displayed when our site is offline for maintenance because it cannot connect to the database to retrieve that information. We will be implenting a solution in the future that will keep the store window runnning properly during our maintenance period, however, this will probably not be done until following our Phase II release, which is tentatively scheduled for Q1 of 2007.


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