This is a 2-part question actually..
1- I sell alot of different and varied items and I like to change up the look of my listings according to the subject matter of what I am listing. I have already gone through the templates and have started favoriting my selected designs that I know I will use. When I hit 10 favorites I got an error message that I was at my limit for favorites. :| Really? I don't know why we couldn't have as many as we need/want in our fav folder. Can this be changed?

2- I list alot of Christmas/Holiday items and there is currently only 1 Christmas themed template in red or green (which...meh) and only 1 Snowflake related template. Will there (please?) be other holiday templates added? ...There are 4 or 5 Halloween themed templates so it does seem weird that Christmas is so limited.

The templates overall are great!...just hoping someone can answer to the above.
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For part one, 10 is the current limit of saved templates. It's possible it can be changed, but in this case we tried to find a balance between average usage and development cost/time. In this case the average recently used (essentially favorites) templates was less than 10 for Auctiva users. With that said we can look into adjusting the value as an enhancement effort in the future.

Part 2, we will be constantly looking at designing and creating new layouts for our templates and new templates in general. Our hope is to continually improve the template system ensuring a great mobile responsive view of your listings, as well as distinct ways for sellers to make their listings pop!

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