For example, I'd like to have a folder for Buttons. But inside of Buttons, I'd like to have separate folders for different kinds of buttons. I'm not finding any threads or Help items that address this. Thanks much for any help!
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Hi Curt!

Currently, we do not offer the ability to create sub folders inside of your folders on Auctiva. However, I can see how this feature could be useful and I would suggest checking out our 'Feature Center' here. When you get to the Feature Center, please feel free to go ahead and give this Feature Request for sub folders a thumbs up, as well as give a thumbs up or thumbs down for any of the other features requested there. Or, if you have more things you would like to see in Auctiva, but don't see them there, please submit them for us.

When submitting a request to the Feature Center, please be as clear and concise as you can. If you have several things you wish to request, please make sure to submit them as individual requests so the rest of the community can vote on the individual ideas.

-Johnnie Q

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