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can you move/drag 1 picture to another location with multiple pictures?

i came across a minor problem with a listing today. ( i am working on it now ) ...

i sell a few earrings, they are almost identical in auction, only the picture contents differs, now i have about 4 different pictures of earrings, and 1 picture showing all earings i am selling, i delete the other pictures, coz it is now a other earring, but want to keep the picture that has more earrings in it, so i don't delete that 1

then i add pictures of the new earring that i am about to sell.

now they start then with 2 till 5 ( number 1 has already been taken by lot picture )

now i dont want that picture as galary picture, i know that you can select a # for witch galary picture. but even if i change that number then, then ontop off description where the pictures are shown the very 1st picture is that of that lot, and not of the earring i am selling coz i didnt delete that picture, now i wanted to drag & drop that 1st picture then to image # 6, hoping all others would shift 1 position to the left then, or just keep it blank and then that i would move all others, but none of this is possible.

i have to delete picture and upload picture again and uploading takes time...

is it possible that in another update of a sort of drag/drop feature will be added for pictures?

thank you very mutch
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i did that, removed the ones i didn't want and kept the ones i did want to display, but i did not want them old picture to be galary pic, so i wanted to move that pic to a other location ( i.e. pic # 5 ) ... this is not possible, you cannot move pictures, i changed the # of galary pic into # 2 and i think that the picture(s) start now with # 2, so it's still ok ( i had slideshow ) and galary pic is good as well, but wouldn't it be more logical and more clearly if you could drag & drop pictures?
There is no way that I'm aware of that will let you keep an image in a particular slot. That might be a nice upgrade feature ( like the ability to LOCK a picture in place ) but that feature does not exist now.

So, to answer your question... If you want the pictures to show up in a particular order then you will have to make sure that they are in that order.

That may mean that you have to delete all of the pictures from the listing and then add them all back again...including the ones that were already there...

This is absolutely true, AFAIK, when you are changing the FIRST picture of a listing and the remaining pictures stay the same...

that's why i mentioned it, coz when i was working on the listing, that was what i wanted to do ( drag & drop ) but i couldn't.

i changed the # of picture that you want as display picture, you can do that, from # 1 into # 2, it starts then with # 2, and i did slideshow, so it didnt matter that mutch, and its ok now, but reason why i posted this, was to show that it could be done easier for users to not select a # ( 1 till 15 or whatever ) but simply drag a picture to a other location and due to that changing the order. this is mutch more easier, and in MANY applications they have this though. i dont know how to programm it, but i dont think it should be that difficult.

but thx 4 the help anyways

have a nice day/evening

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