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I have Endicia on my computer because I used to print labels directly through them, and as of this morning (Monday 1/28), Endicia is charging 3 cents more for a first class parcel than it is through Auctiva ... and that has me concerned that Auctiva is not giving us the updated postage pricing that changed over the weekend.

I am shipping 40 packages today; I don't want to risk ticking off 40 customers because either their package comes back to me or they're asked to pay extra postage.

So I'm going to use Endicia directly until Auctiva posts an update that we are being given the correct USPS postage prices.

Please don't be silent on something so critical to the effective running of our businesses!
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Hi webuyit2,

The postage on the shipping labels is correct, even though the amount we are quoting and charging our users is less. Our postage provider (Endicia/Express1) updated their rates early Sunday morning, but due to the time it takes for us to get the rates updated on our system, we are currently taking a loss on label sales.

Until we can get the thousands of rates updated in our system (which started today and should be updated by tomorrow) enjoy the temporary savings on postage.

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