I would like to subscrible to Acutiva relisting service but need to know if you can relist a closed auction into ones eBay store instead relisting back as an auction? Anyone feel free to reply.

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Jimboo, did you ever find out the answer to this question? I just opened an eBay store, and am looking for an easier way to relist items into the store that didn't sell at auction. eBay's relisting option is so SLOW! But, I don't want to sign up for Auctiva's relisting service, if I can't use put the items into my store. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I have 'selling manager' thru ebay, came free with my basic ebay store (recently started this month so you should be able to get it). You can relist items as auctions or into your store at any time (while active or closed/unsold) by going to the 'unsold items' page. You can relist in bulk or individually..I LOVE the selling manager.

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