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Trying to edit (rotate) pictures and does not show the picture requiring editing in the window and says waiting for or similar, then just says done and no picture. If I then try and save comes up with internal error. Anybody else this problem?
Also is there a limit on how much image hosting size I take up?
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Hi Mike Fox,

Thanks for letting us know about this. I'm not aware of any technical problems on our end that would account for this behavior so it seems like there may be a process or setting on your end (most likely browser related) that is conflicting with our software and causing the image editing page to "hang".

There are not currently limits on the amount of images you can host in your Auctiva account at any given time, nor are there any limits on the combined file sizes of the images that are being hosted in your Auctiva account.

If you are still experiencing this problem, I recommend contacting our customer support team using the web form on the following page:


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