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hi Danno

cannot believe this great forum exists!

this is the link to my template:

i am way too much of a novice to work out the error messages from auctiva. i can include a link to a current auction that i am trying to convert to the new template. i want to keep the layout (cut and paste pics throughout the description body) that i currently use. i am only trying to change to the new template.

please help, the template can be edited.

thank you - thank you - thank you
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Hi there!
I'll take a stab at this...

To select a template, whether one of Auctiva's or a custom template:

Listings (tab at top of Auctiva page)

Open a listing, saved or whatever.

Scroll down to where you see TEMPLATE

Click on Choose Different Template

new window opens

In the upper left corner select Custom under Select Templates

Choose the template you created

Another window opens, previewing the template you chose

Save template to listing

close that window

The new template will now be applied to the listing you are working on.

I do not know if you can change the template on an active listing, but it will be applied to any future listings, provided you have selected that template in the listing editor.
Hi Celeste,

I've done the simplest change to get you started. I've replaced the {desc} tag with Auctiva's [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag. That gives the template similar flexibility for adding description and images as any Auctiva template.

If you need more flexibility with auction image placements, replace that tag with [DESCRIPTION], which is just the text; and use Auctiva's image tags that are in the template editor (list is also posted as sticky in this Forum).

Plenty of good folks here that are glad to assist or give advise.

Hope that starter helps.

I've done the simplest change to get you started. I've replaced the {desc} tag with Auctiva's [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag. That gives the template similar flexibility for adding description and images as any Auctiva template.

thank you both for the help and ideas.

i C/P'ed the changed version of the html into Auctiva and this is the message i get when i try to save and preview the template in Auctiva: "You must use one, and only one, description tag in your template. Choose [DESCRIPTION] or [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES]."

i can't figure out where the second or more description tags are. i've read the html text several times and either i am just missing it or not looking for the right issue.

thanks again for the help. i only have a few items currently listed and they end within the week. i am trying to fix this before listing a ton of items under the new auction "brand" - i APPRECIATE the help as i am far from technologically gifted Smile

If you check the pasted version of the template in the template editor, is the [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag visible in the code and/or in Preview?

I believe there may be some problems using paste to put code in the HTML view of the template editor. I'm having one person report that it is taking two or three tries for the paste to work correctly. Example: I've seen the results of pastes where the code appears to be having wraps/returns inserted, like it's only allowing a certain page-width for code before it wraps/returns for new line. That often looks like a double return in code pulled from the listing export tool.

I don't know if Auctiva has made any recent update or adjustment to the editor that might account for this observation. However, there are similar reports of HTML paste problems in this Forum dealing with paste of description codesets that are acting odd after paste, e.g. a table that won't allow cell fill with wrap of the text. Confused

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i read your reply and tried to figure out how i was coding the template to wrap or not wrap or whatever you were getting at that i was too slow to understand. after i spent an hour staring at the bit you edited...i realized the wrap box was checked on the practice board editor. after i deselected the wrap feature the C/P'd part worked perfectly. i am in heaven.

thank you!

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