I've listed a few auctions today with no problem but suddenly I get a error telling me try again or contact support. This happened with both new listings and using similar info listings. Help?? Is this sitewide or am I the only one with this prob?
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You aren't the only one... I am getting that error as well...
when I try to SAVE or POST(Save) or ERROR CHECK...

I have reported it... FWIW
I got that error today and yesterday. I thought it was my computer, so I shut down, and both times it cleared it. Or whatever.

like maybe a stray cookie jammed the cogs.
heck if I know.
I'm going to restart the servers right now, give it 7-8 minutes. Something has got it screwed up and the fix for now is a quick reboot. At least until tomorrow when the programmers can check it. One of them came in and did what they thought would fix it today but I guess that wasnt the problem afterall.
Ok, just confirmed all servers are working again. I'm back for the rest of the evening and will keep an eye on things. Post again if you see it happen but I'll also be watching.
Hello I just started using Auctiva why wont my listings post when they are supposed to .... I assume when I put in 11:58 PM PST it should list at 8:58 EST RIGHT OR WRONG ?????? I'm getting extremly frustrated right now ...PS I have been on E-Bay since 1998 & over 5500 sales ...So I'm not a expert but sure no novice either ???

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