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Tried to list a auction have listed hundreds as soon as we are ready to post on ebay we get this message

API Error

You will be unable to complete this request until you make a payment to eBay or a credit card is put on file for automatic monthly billing with eBay. See your eBay account for more information.

There is nothing wrong with our ebay acount nothing is owed and also nothing comes up about this we are at a dead end any ideas? Thanks
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Is it possible your credit card is nearing expiration, or already expired? I've searched all over ebay and this is the best link I could come up with: (I don't see how that would explain the API error tho, but it's worth a shot)

If you can't figure it out, I would suggest tryig Live Help, at least you won't get the canned answers from an ebot that have nothing to do with your question Smile

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