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I am trying to schedule a listing with a best offer option when i select a fixed price option. Yet i dont see any option on auctive where i can select best offer.
I have read here other threads on the forum and they say that this option should be visible under the fixed price when you list an auction with a fixed price but i dont see any best offer option.

I have selected a category already which should allow to take best is beauty and health...fragrances....i have been listing fragrances on ebay directly with best offer option when i used to list without auctiva.

So I have selected fixed price.
i have selected eligible category

Yet i dont see best offer option...

pls help

How can i do it with auctiva.
Pls help.
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The Accept offers from buyers option doesn't show just below the price entry boxes, and you have selected either fixed price or store item at the top. Is that correct? It should be there unless Auction is checked.

Sounds like you may need to contact Auctiva Support so they can fix it for you. You'll find they respond quickly too. Smile

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